Need to lighten the mood? Some silly jokes for your friends, family and those other people

Poop jokes aren’t my favorite.  But they’re a solid number two.

You guessed right, here are the top 5 jokes I could find out there about constipation and poop for you to share with your loved ones!  (just maybe not at the dinner table)

Did you hear about the constipated composer?
He had problems with his last movement.

Why did the soldier refuse to flush the toilet?
It wasn't his doodie.

Why isn't there a National Constipation Day?
Because nobody gives a crap.

What did one fly say to the other?
“Is this stool taken?”

Have you heard about the new movie, Constipated?
It hasn’t come out yet.

Hope you got a little chuckle from some of these.  Happy Thanksgiving and a BIG thanks to you from Prunies®!!

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